Put Jeff’s Used and Nostalgic Keepsakes in your shopping bag this summer

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Whether you are an avid antique collector or prefer to casually peruse, antique and vintage shopping in Jefferson City (JCMO) is a delightful experience for all involved. From curated décor to the quintessential comic book, the Capital City has you covered.

Encore Vintage

Nestled in JCMO’s downtown, Encore Vintage serves up the perfect smorgasbord of retro options. If you’re in the market for a vintage couch or something quirky like presidential matchbooks, you will not leave Encore Vintage empty-handed.

With a retro soul atmosphere, you’ll walk through a time portal of a shop at Encore Vintage. Photo—Encore Vintage

Dogwood Vintiques & Cotter Pin Cellar

For the classic antique experience, scout out Dogwood Vintiques and Cotter Pin Cellar! Filled with booths curated by local vendors, Dogwood Vintiques offers copious choices for shoppers looking to refresh their home with both new and vintage items. 

Cotter Pin Cellar offers up repurposed furniture along with a full line of Fiesta dinnerware and a plethora of unique antique finds waiting to be scooped up. 

J Street Vintage

Self-described as an “eclectic cottage full of nitty, gritty, and pretty,” J Street Vintage specializes in finding a new purpose for found items. Located in JCMO’s historic southside, the cozy shop creates a perfectly cozy atmosphere to shop for hidden gems. 

J Street Vintage is the perfect place for inspiration to take on DIY project. Photo—J Street Vintage

Antiquarium & In the Groove Records

Collectors unite! Comic book enthusiasts have a friend in Antiquarium, a comic and vintage book shop also featuring gaming items and action figures. It’s the place to stop by and become a hero to your favorite comic book aficionado (or yourself!)

In the Groove Records is the ideal spot for vinyl fans to tune out and search for the next great record to add to their collection. Bins filled with every genre of music sets up this classic shop as a music-lover’s dream!

Flip through bins stuffed with oldie-but-goodie vinyl records to add to your collection. Photo—In the Groove Records

Looking for more? Head to VisitJeffersonCity.com to see everything the Capital City has to offer!