7 Olde Style Taverns

Put your money in your shoe and saddle your horse. It’s time for a pint.

December 2, 1878

Westport became a part of Kansas City on this date in history.

November 23, 1867

It was reported that New Yorkers in Kansas City hotels were hoping to eat some buffalo meat. One hotel restaurant served them roast pork and, thinking it was buffalo, they went away happy.

November 17, 1786

Birthday of Dr. Benoist Troost. He was Kansas City's first physician, founded their first newspaper, and started the city's Chamber of Commerce. Troost Avenue is named for him.

The Missouri Barbecue Trail

We asked a handful of experts where to turn for the state's best BBQ in Kansas City, St. Louis, and in between.

The Rock Island Trail Connects KC to the Katy

The beauty of trails is found in the slow pace, which allows riders to truly experience places. The Rock Island Trail, connecting the greater Kansas City area to Missouri’s Katy Trail system, is an experience to savor whether you are walking, cycling, or on horseback.

October 6, 1870

The first large theater in Kansas City, The Coates Opera House, opened on this day. The theater was destroyed in 1901 by a fire.

September 20, 1948

Three policemen and one bystander were killed in what came to be known as Kansas City’s Paseo Massacre.  

September 18, 1880

The Kansas City Star was established and published its first edition.