Hugh Robinson in 1911

Hugh Robinson, Early Aviator, is Born in Neosho: May 13, 1881

Hugh Armstrong Robinson was born on this date in Neosho.

Calling All Chalk Artists

Create masterpieces at the Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest on October 1 during Neosho’s Fall Festival.

Sign warning of slip and fall danger

December 25, 1898

W. J. Catron of Neosho lived above the Big Spring. On this morning he went to get a bucket of water and stepped off his porch onto a sheet of ice. He slid head-first to the bottom of his hill and then off the bluff falling 12 feet to the path below, landing on his head.  No serious injuries but a bad way to start the day.

May 2, 1878

The Neosho Times reported that some Washburn, MO boys were working for a farmer when they plowed up about $80 worth of gold and silver which the farmer had buried there at the beginning of the Civil War.