The richly diverse Current River State Park has almost two miles of Current River frontage and a superb trail network. The fishing is abundant and a lazy float down the Current River is a perfect way to spend any day of the week.

Photo Courtesy of Missouri State Parks

WITH THE CREATION of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, the state had transferred most of its land on the Current River to the National Park Service. But it regained riverfront property in 2008 when the Alton Club—just upstream from Round Spring— came into the state park system.

The Alton Box Board Company began construction of its retreat in the 1930s. The buildings reflect the rustic architectural style made popular by the National Park Service early in the twentieth century. The Al- ton Club included man-made lakes, a lodge, barracks for both men and women, a gymnasium, pool hall,

and a boathouse. As one of the few remaining intact examples of the private corporate retreats once found along the banks of the Current and Jacks Fork Rivers, it is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

A lake house at the Alton Club appears to be suspended above a man-made lake. 
Photo by Ben Nickelson

The park preserves wooded terrain steeply carved through four hundred feet of vertical relief from Route 19 to the river. The hillsides are heavily mantled in oak with numerous small dolomite glades, springs, seeps, fens, rock outcrops, bluffs, and bottomland forests. The spring-fed Current River and its tributaries are remarkably clear with abundant riffle and bluff pool habitats. With its astounding biodiversity and geological features, the park is a unique jewel among Missouri’s parks.

Clear-water streams grace steep hollows on their way to the Current.
Photo by Ken McCarty

The Current River State Parks has fishing, hiking, a picnic area, floating and kayaking, and an information center.

Current River State Park
Shannon County Rd 19-D at Hwy 19, Salem

839 acres
Shannon County

• Centennial Bluff Trail (1.4 mi)
• Current River Trail (5.25 mi)
• Jones Hollow (4 mi)
• Winebark Trail (2.6 mi)
Historic Structures
• 1930s Alton Club Lodge, gymnasium, and dining facilities
• 20 rustic buildings

The featured image shows ridges with memorable views of the Current River, seen here through an ancient cedar.
Photo by Ken McCarty

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