Joplin Unveils New Art Center

Artists and art lovers have a new creative haven in southwest Missouri. Art expert Joan Stack of the State Historical Society of Missouri paints a beautiful picture of opening…

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A capitol impressionist ahead of his time

Our artist this week lived from 1860–1925 and was ahead of his time as an impressionist. Shoe manufacturer Lester Shepard Parker's approach to painting is particularly interesting…

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The Artist’s Residence: Thomas Hart Benton

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources acquired the Thomas Hart Benton Home and Studio State Historic Site site in 1977, two years after the death of the Neosho-born artist.

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Meet the Artist And His Legacy Landscapes

Byron Smith’s family has lived in Boone County near Columbia for generations, and his landscapes express not only the beauty of the local architecture and countryside, but also…

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Missouri Artist: Cutting Both Ways

You may not know the name, Fred Geary, but this Carroll County artist was a nationally important graphic designer in the first half of the twentieth century. He created an…

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Artist: Wit and Wonder

I drive down a rural country road in Callaway County toward the home and studio of artist Jane Mudd. Jane lives with her husband Tom in a log home deep in the woods, about seven…

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Picturing Native Missourians in the Era of Statehood

Iconic images of indigenous Missourians conceal a complex history.

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Ambiguity and atmosphere

Missouri art lovers may know Doug as the former director of the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art in Sedalia. Doug helped found this extraordinary museum, where visitors may be…

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Expect the Unexpected

Find hidden treasure at Central Methodist University in Fayette.

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Making the Past Present

Nineteenth-Century Black Soldiers Live Again in the Paintings of Essex Garner

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