Ambiguity and atmosphere

Missouri art lovers may know Doug as the former director of the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art in Sedalia. Doug helped found this extraordinary museum, where visitors may be…

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Expect the Unexpected

Find hidden treasure at Central Methodist University in Fayette.

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Picturing Native Missourians in the Era of Statehood

Iconic images of indigenous Missourians conceal a complex history.

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Making the Past Present

Nineteenth-Century Black Soldiers Live Again in the Paintings of Essex Garner

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A Memorial to a Scholarly Sisterhood

The Enigmatic Kate Tracy Monument in Boonville’s Walnut Grove Cemetery

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From Farm to Easel

The contemplative and colloquial creations of Nora Othic.

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Ten Missouri Artworks

As a part of our bicentennial series, we show off ten artworks from Missouri artists that help us understand our state’s history.

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