Interior of the Basilica located in Downtown St. Louis

Missouri’s Sacred Sites

As long as humans have inhabited Missouri, they have held certain places sacred. These unique spaces draw people to them for numerous reasons—some have become popular photo-ops or school field trips, while others are places of worship.

Editor-in-chief, Sandy Selby, rethinks taking modern amenities for granted

Missouri Life editor-in-chief, Sandy Selby realizes that taking modern amenities for granted does not give credit to the people who lived without them. We should all take more care to recognize the value of clean, accessible water.

New Madrid Earthquake

The New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812

Based on eyewitness accounts and geological evidence, seismologists estimate the New Madrid earthquake to have been 8.0 on today’s Richter scale. The shock waves were felt from the East Coast to the Rocky Mountains, and from southern Canada to northern Mexico.

Missouri State Parks Lead Efforts to Restore Our Natural Landscapes.

A great effort is underway to restore our natural prairies, glades, woodlands, and marshes. Learn how this is being done and where you can see these restored areas. And read about how the owners of Missouri Life are creating natural habitat on their farm.

‘Tis The Sea-son!

You've probably heard the phrase, “A Sea of Lights.” It's especially appropriate this time of year. And we have a literal sea of lights for you to enjoy! Now through Jan. 1, 2024, enjoy a “waterful” holiday treat. Can you say, “HO-HO-HO-H20?”

Get “Fired” Up About This Event!

Our great state has plenty of firearm enthusiasts – whether they’re hunting deer, elk, turkey, duck, or goose, shooting at the rifle range, or skeet shooting. And the weekend of Dec. 22, 2023 they’ll all be packin’ – into a great big gun show!

Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipes is a local product manufacturer

Breaking Down Missouri Meerschaum Pipes

Whether you’re just learning about pipes or you’re looking for a Christmas gift, Missouri Meerschaum has a lot to offer.

Hope from Soap

The lack of opportunities after high school for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities and unhealthy skincare products are two issues close to sammysoap managing member Karen Copeland’s heart. The unexpected solution to both issues was soap.

Before & After: The Thompson House Restoration

The home built by some early northern Missouri settlers was on the verge of destruction when Ellen Dolan and a team of concerned community volunteers stepped in to save it. Take a look at some of these awe-inspiring before-and-after photos.

5 Christmas Towns that Embrace the Magic

Many charming small towns become especially enchanting during December. Here are five in Missouri where you can stroll downtown and embrace the magic of Christmas while shopping in unique venues for those just-right gifts.