April 20, 1861

Southern sympathizers captured the U.S. Arsenal at Liberty, MO. This created more tension at the arsenal at St. Louis and therefore was a contributing factor leading to the St. Louis Massacre.

April 18, 2008

The Green Switch Celebration was held on this day as Rock Port, MO became the first community in America to get all of its electricity from wind power.

April 17, 1950

For the first time in baseball history an opening day game was played at night when the Cardinals beat the Pirates in St. Louis.

April 5, 1921

The citizens of St. James elected Mayme Ousley to be the first woman mayor in the state. This was just two years after women won the right to vote.

April 3, 1860

The Pony Express started its first run from St. Joseph. Read more about this in Tales From Missouri and the Heartland.

March 31, 1919

People across the state were protesting prohibition. A crowd of 10,000 assembled at the St. Louis Coliseum.

March 30, 1945

Missouri's present Constitution became effective. It is our fourth.

March 28, 1905

Marlon Perkins was born in Carthage, MO on this date. He was an effective and popular head of the St. Louis Zoo and his national television show, "Wild Kingdom," ran for 23 years.

March 20, 1811

Birthday of perhaps Missouri's greatest artist, George Caleb Bingham from Franklin, Arrow Rock, and St. Louis, MO. Read more about this in Tales From Missouri and the Heartland.

March 17, 1804

Mountain man, Jim Bridger was born.