Antoine Robidoux

September 24, 1860

Antoine Robidoux was born into the prosperous St. Louis family of that name. His brother was the founder of St. Joseph but Antoine went further west and trapped, explored and led pioneers into the new territories.

September 19, 1949

Plans were unveiled for damming and developing the Meramec River Valley. This began a 28-year battle to stop the plan and save the valley

September 17, 1858

The first westbound Butterfield Overland stagecoach passed through the key city of Springfield amid a tremendous celebration. Read more about this in Tales From Missouri and the Heartland.

Arnold Water Tower

September 14, 1972

The towns of Wickes, Flamm City, Tenbrook, Maxwell, Beck, and Old Town Arnold merged to form the new city of Arnold.  

William H Hatch

September 11, 1833

William Henry Hatch, Missouri’s Congressman and agricultural innovator, was born. Hatch Hall at the University of Missouri in Columbia was named in his honor. 

Steamboat Arabia

September 5, 1856

The steamboat Arabia sank at Westport Landing. It has been raised and is now a wonderful museum. 

Senator Thomas Eagleton

September 4, 1929

US Senator Thomas Eagleton was born in St. Louis. Outside of Missouri, he is most remembered for being the Democratic vice presidential nominee under George McGovern in 1972.

Alexander McNair Missouri's First Governor

August 28, 1820

Missouri's first statewide elections were held. Alexander McNair was elected Governor. Missouri was still one year away from officially becoming a state. Read our story about Missouri's first territorial governors here.

Washington County Courthouse Potosi Missouri

August 21, 1813

Washington County—whose largest city is Potosi—was established. The county has more than 10 times the population it did then, with a population topping more than 25,000. 

August 20, 1888

With the death of Nat Kinney, the Bald Knobbers of Southwest Missouri were finally suppressed. Read more about the Bald Knobbers here.