The Ancient Bones at Mastodon State Historic Site

Seeing the history play out in the ancient bones and other artifacts at Mastodon State Historic Site is an eye-opening experience. Stop by the visitor's center to see a life-sized replica of a mastodon, then follow the self-guided trail to the excavations site.

Civil War History at the Battle of Carthage State Historic Site.

More than 1,100 Civil War battles were fought in Missouri. Our state parks system focuses on six sites. The Battle of Carthage State Historic Site is one not to be missed. There are interpretive displays and a Civil War museum near the square in Carthage, as well as the fields where the battles took place.

See Our German Heritage at Deutschheim State Historic Site

Visit the Pommer-Gentner house and the Strehly house at this State Historic Site. See a  printing press similar to what was used to print one of the first German language newspapers west of the Mississippi. To round out your visit take a stroll through historic Hermann.

Learn About Osage Village State Historic Site

Osage Village State Historic Site has a unique part to play in helping Missourians understand their state and the Native people that lived at this site. Visit the Brown Site where a wealth of recovered artifacts now documents the village.

Symposium Sheds Light on Relationship Between Germans and African Americans

Learn about the fascinating and often overlooked connection between German immigrants and African American slaves in Missouri. An upcoming symposium in Jefferson City explores this topic through lectures, a short play, and a special exhibit.

Interior of the Basilica located in Downtown St. Louis

Missouri’s Sacred Sites

As long as humans have inhabited Missouri, they have held certain places sacred. These unique spaces draw people to them for numerous reasons—some have become popular photo-ops or school field trips, while others are places of worship.

Bob Ford, The Dirty Little Coward

Bob Ford was the man who killed Jesse James, who is considered one of America’s most famous bandits. The killing of Jesse James was considered a cowardly act and Bob Ford’s actions followed him for the rest of his days.

New Madrid Earthquake

The New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812

Based on eyewitness accounts and geological evidence, seismologists estimate the New Madrid earthquake to have been 8.0 on today’s Richter scale. The shock waves were felt from the East Coast to the Rocky Mountains, and from southern Canada to northern Mexico.

Hands-On History at the WWI Museum and Memorial

A recent renovation brings technology to the National WWI Museum and Memorial in Kansas City. The new interactive touch tables engage adults and children and help spark the desire to learn more about the history of WWI. The exhibit featuring the importance of mules and other animals is not to be missed.

Harry S. Truman State Park

Any outdoor or nature enthusiast will want to check out Harry S. Truman State Park. This 1,440-acre park is one of Missouri’s finest reservoir-based state parks. There is fishing, boating, camping, and hiking galore. And trails wind through the woods and out to rocky overlooks. Make a plan to visit today!