May 30, 1854

The Kansas-Nebraska Act was passed causing slave-holding Missourians to flood into Kansas. This led to the Missouri-Kansas Border War and eventually the Civil War.

January 8, 1863

The Second Battle of Springfield was fought during the Civil War.

November 19, 1861

In the midst the Civil War, Henry W. Halleck assumed command of the Union forces in Missouri and the West. Known derogatorily as “Old Brains,” he was later replaced by General Ulysses S. Grant. 

September 27, 1864

The Battle of Pilot Knob was fought saving St. Louis and Jefferson City from Price’s Confederates. It truly was a turning point in the war’s western theater.

April 27, 1822

Birthday of President, General, and adoptive Missourian Hiram Ulysses Grant (aka Ulysses S. Grant).

March 7, 1862

The Battle of Pea Ridge at the Missouri-Arkansas border decimated the power of Confederate forces in Missouri.

December 24, 1861

The Gratiot Street Prison in St. Louis received its first Confederate prisoners.

November 25, 1863

Governor Fletcher called out the militia to search for Missouri's most notorious outlaw. Samuel Hildebrand and his men had recently plundered Farmington and were known responsible for at least thirty murders. Hildebrand turned bushwhacker after Union vigilantes killed his brother.

April 20, 1861

Southern sympathizers captured the U.S. Arsenal at Liberty, MO. This created more tension at the arsenal at St. Louis and therefore was a contributing factor leading to the St. Louis Massacre.

February 24, 1859

The border war with Kansas was in full swing and the Missouri Legislature appropriated $30,000, almost a million dollars in today's money, to establish a military post on the western border to keep the Jayhawks out.