December 27, 1869

The composing room at Concordia Publishing House (on the campus of Concordia Seminary in Saint Louis) was put into operation.

December 17, 1803

Bernard Pratte Junior was born. He was the first child born in St. Louis after it became an American city. He later became the first St. Louis-born citizen to be elected mayor.

December 15, 1965

St. Louis-built Gemini Spacecraft was launched with Frank Borman and James Lovell on board.

December 12, 1944

Black aviator, Wendell Pruitt, was honored in his home town of St. Louis on this day. He won the Distinguished Flying Cross for shooting down three German planes, destroying 70 on the ground and helping to sink a German destroyer.

December 11, 1748

Jean Baptiste Truteau was born. He was the first schoolmaster in St. Louis and is believed to have written the first poem in Missouri. It was about the attack on St. Louis in 1780 and it accused the Spanish Lieutenant Governor of cowardice.

December 10, 1929

Direct air mail service began between St. Louis and New York.

December 7, 1922

Over 300 barrels of Jack Daniels whiskey disappeared through a siphon hose from the distillery in St. Louis on this date in Missouri history.

December 6, 1900

Today's date in Missouri history is the birthday of Agnes Moorehead, who grew up in St. Louis, spent four seasons as a dancer in the MUNY and made her debut as a singer on KMOX.

Enjoy Christmas Lights, New Restaurants, and More in St. Louis

Missouri's second-largest city is full of holiday activities and a couple of new businesses.

December 4, 1922

Movie star Rudolph Valentino toured St. Louis. The Italian-born actor starred in silent films, such as The Son of the Sheik and The Eagle, and caused a frenzy among his female fans when he applied for US citizenship.