May 20, 1876

The St. Louis Globe merged with the St. Louis Democrat and, on this day, the first issue of the Globe-Democrat was sold.

May 13, 1946

St. Louis became the first city in the nation to offer telephones in your car. A radio telephone was available for fifteen dollars a month.  

May 8, 1871

Phoebe Couzins became Missouri's first woman law school graduate (Washington University in St. Louis). In 1887 she became the first female US Marshall in the country's history. She was also on the Board of Directors for the World's Fair.

May 6, 1888

St. Louis residents were finding eels in their sinks. The water commissioner said that eels and minnows could easily pass through the filters when they were young and then would grow while they lived in the settling basins. 

April 26, 1921

The oldest radio station west of the Mississippi began audio broadcasting. This St. Louis University station claims to be the second oldest station in America. It actually began operating in 1912 but only broadcast in Morse code. WEW stands for We Enlighten the World.

April 25, 1969

Birthday of sportscaster and analyst, Joe Buck from St. Louis.

April 24, 1942

C.H. Laessig died on this day. Early in 1905, he opened the first gas station in the United States at 418 South Teresa in St. Louis.

April 11, 1877

On this night, fireman Phelim O'Toole became a legend. The Southern Hotel was on fire and about a dozen people were trapped beyond the reach of ladders.

April 10, 1847

Founder of the St. Louis Post Dispatch and the Pulitzer Prize, Joseph Pulitzer was born on this day. He arrived in St. Louis from New York penniless in October of 1865.

April 4, 1928

Marguerite Ann Johnson was born in St. Louis. Better know as Maya Angelou, she went on to be nominated for Pulitzer Prize in poetry and a Tony Award and to win three Grammys.