August 24, 1869

The riverboat War Eagle burned in St. Louis.  

Life Flying on Water

The Lake St. Louis Water Ski Club chases the thrill.

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Explore these 19 conservation areas across the state.

August 20, 1966

The last buildings in St. Louis' "Chinatown" came down on this date to make room for a stadium parking garage.

August 18, 1960

R. Buckminster Fuller designed something he called a geodesic dome and placed one in the Missouri Botanical Garden. Calling this one a "Climatron" he explained that it would last for a while but was not a permanent structure. It has been there now for over 50 years and seems able to stand for many more.  

August 11, 1866

The Missouri Historical Society was established in St. Louis.

August 9, 1834

The road from St. Louis to St. Charles was declared a public road on this date. It was laid out in 1772. In 1865 it was improved with a rock surface and has been known as St. Charles Rock Road ever since.

August 8, 1884

Sara Teasdale, St. Louis poet, was born on this date.

August 1, 1854

St. Louis purchased its first steam-powered fire engine.