December 1, 1904

David Francis said, "Farewell to all thy splendor." and threw a switch closing the World's Fair in St. Louis.

Friendly Flames

Prescribed burns at Shaw Nature Reserve enhance biodiversity in its ecosystems.

November 26, 1939

Singer Tina Turner was born on this day in Tennessee. However, around age eleven, her family relocated to St. Louis, the same location where she got her start in the music business.

November 27, 1911

David Margulois was born in St. Louis. After changing his name to David Merrick, he produced Hello Dolly, 42nd Street, Gypsy, and more. In all, his nearly 100 shows earned him eight Tony awards. 

November 22, 1980

Kenneth Swyers of Overland slid down the north leg of the Arch to his death. He had parachuted to the top of the Arch as a publicity stunt, but the wind caught his chute and sent him down the side.

November 12, 1878

The St. Louis School Board fired a male teacher who had filed for divorce. Discussion of such a scandal was sure to bring harm to the students. Of course, women teachers weren't allowed to be married in the first place.

November 9, 1802

Elijah Lovejoy was born on this date. Lovejoy was a crusading newspaper publisher, who got his start in St. Louis, and he was abolitionist who was killed when a mob came to break up his press in Alton, Illinois. 

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November 3, 1948

At the St. Louis Union Station, Harry Truman displayed the famous newspaper headline, "Dewey Defeats Truman."