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November 3, 1948

At the St. Louis Union Station, Harry Truman displayed the famous newspaper headline, "Dewey Defeats Truman."

November 1, 1819

Colonel Thomas Fiveash Riddick was an influential banker who helped create the St. Louis public schools, was a founder of the Thespian Society and was a delegate to the original Missouri Constitutional Congress. On this date he founded the first Episcopal Church west of the Mississippi.

October 28, 1965

The tallest national monument in America, St. Louis’s Gateway Arch was completed on this date. 

October 21, 1955

An unknown singer was the opening act for Roy Acuff's three day stint in St. Louis. No one seemed excited about the young Elvis Presley.

October 18, 1847

Boatmen's Bank was established in St. Louis on this date in Missouri history. This landmark operation was specifically for individuals and small investors. Previously banks had mostly served the rich.

October 13, 1877

Lizzie Wise drew a crowd as she ascended in her balloon from the Grand Avenue Baseball Park in St. Louis. A stiff wind grabbed the balloon and she was whisked away. She was found the next day in Illinois, hanging from a treetop, unharmed.

October 12, 1885

The first cross-state long distance call was made. The mayor of Kansas City called to his home from St. Louis.