Fun to run or to watch

Fitness really can be fun! The runners will be in costume. Families can do the one-mile fun run, and there are Halloween adventures on other courses in this picturesque town, too.

Journey through a dark, magical forest

Journey through this Dark Forest to a magical, mysterious woodland where supernatural beings and paranormal forces pierce nature’s mortal realms. The Dark Forest is your portal to worlds just beyond.

Mr. Pruitt’s Possum Town Photos

See this incredible collection of photographs of a segregated town and sharecroppers protesting in 1939. Photos also show Cropperville, a cooperative created to provide homes and farmland to tenant farmers who participated in the protest.

First time in Missouri Portraits of Veterans by President George W. Bush

See this tribute honoring the service and sacrifice of veterans, painted by a former president in the only venue chosen to host this year. The show was last seen in Houston in early 2020.

Dress Up the Pooch and Go to the Paw Parade

Dress up your favorite four-footed best friend and go to the Paw Parade tomorrow on Saturday. There will be prizes for the best costume and an animal-lover fair after the parade. Watch for free.

Hear these 4 gigs In an extraordinary setting

Hear music ranging from roots, soul, and rock to bluegrass, folk, Irish, country, and more in a beautiful garden setting amidst fall blooms and color—sounds like an idyllic Sunday afternoon, doesn’t it?

Halloweekends and Zootoberfest are free in St. Louis

Three special events at the St. Louis Zoo include Zootoberfest, with beer trailers and German food, and then three weekends of festive Halloween decorations throughout the zoo. Find out about Boo at the Zoo, too.

Where to go to see The Great Pumpkin Drop

Learn about this delightfully absurd sport: dropping pumpkins from an airplane, where you can try it, or just go and watch it happening. Kids can sit in the cockpits.

Getaway to an Ozark concert and festival

Missouri Life encourages you to come and enjoy the fantastic Ozarks at Van Buren at a fall festival and concert on October 8-9. 

Jefferson City Missouri River Cleanup 2022

Missouri River Relief will host a Missouri River Cleanup in Jefferson City on Saturday, October 15!  Join hundreds of like-minded individuals working to make a positive difference on the river, and in their community.