Shining Times: Missouri’s Fur Trade Story

Fur played a vital role in the early Anglo settlements. It was animal pelts, not tobacco, that the early Virginia colonists first exported. The North American fur trade had a…

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Life on the Run: Riding With the Younger Brothers

In the stories told about them during their careers the Youngers were often cast in the classic Robin Hood mold. It was an image they worked hard to cultivate, but it was only…

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BONESHAKER: The Saga of the Butterfield Overland Mail

The Butterfield Overland Mail route traversed prairies, mountains, deserts, and valleys on its way from St. Louis to San Francisco.

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Death in the Evening

The iconic western duel traces its roots to Springfield.

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The Dooley-Harris Feud

Although the shootout between the Dooley and Harris clans at a Doe Run picnic did occur and was indeed a bloody affair, the causes of the conflict are considerably murkier, go…

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Five Famous Missouri Feuds

Missouri’s famous feuds comprise bloody chapters in the story of our state.

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Winston Churchill Visits Fulton

Seventy-five years ago, Winston Churchill introduced the “Iron Curtain” to Fulton and presaged the Cold War.

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The USS Missouri

Discover the history on the 75th anniversary of the Japanese surrender aboard the ship.

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The Fastest Rider in the West

Neither rain nor snow nor Comanche war parties could stop Francois Aubry, the Missouri speed demon, from delivering the mail in record time. His exploits were the stuff of legend,…

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The 1861 Jayhawker Raid in Osceola

A jayhawker raid in 1861 lays waste to the town of Osceola.

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