If you enjoy fall festivals, you'll want to check out one on Saturday Sept. 23, 2023. Admission is free and there are lots of fun festivities and activities, from music, to sampling spirits, to browsing artisan offerings, to trying your hand at painting.

Be Wowed At A Powwow

Would you like to learn more about the culture and customs of indigenous people who once heavily populated Missouri? Those who helped preserve so many of the Show Me State’s natural resources? This event is the perfect learning ground.

See A Sight For “Soar” Eyes

If flying fascinates you and aviation amps you up, take off for an incredible free air show Sept. 16–17, 2023. You'll have a chance to marvel at military aircraft from decades past and catch captivating aeronautic performances and daredevil displays.

Get ”art”side and enjoy yourself!

Do you enjoy perusing paintings and photos? Seeing ceramics and sculptures? Browsing booth after booth of beautiful, creative creations? If ambling about an art-filled festival is right up your alley, then this event is picture perfect for you.

Are You Red-dy For A Tomato Festival?

Talk about an event that's ripe for the picking! Maybe you didn't grow any tomatoes of your own, or maybe you just really like them. Either way, you won't want to miss a free Tomato Festival on Thursday Sept. 7. It’s a treat for your taste buds.

How ‘Bout “Dublin” Your Labor Day Weekend Fun?

Are you Irish? Or maybe you just enjoy Emerald Isle imports like Irish music, dance, beer, or whiskey. If you're nodding your head and saying, ”Sure ‘n I do – ‘Irish’ I could enjoy even more Eire experiences!,” then you won't want to miss this festival!

See A Quirky Circus

Most circuses — whether large and famous like Ringling Bros., and Barnum & Bailey, or small and regional — are traveling ones, and set up a big Big Top tent to perform in. But not this circus. It is traveling, but there is no Big Top tent involved!

You’ll Wanna Flag This Event!

Are you good at identifying flags? When you see one, do you know where it’s from? Or maybe you’re fascinated by history and how flags figure into it. Either way, you’ll wanna run this free event up the flagpole. You’ll definitely salute it!

Be Part of a Biking Blast!

Do you enjoy being a two-wheeled tourist? Whether you’re a peddling pro, a cycling sensation, or a little wobbly on wheels, if you’re any kind of a biking enthusiast—at any skill level!—you'll want to check out a marvelous moonlight bike ride.

Don’t “Pass” Up This Special Show

Quite a few professional athletes go into broadcasting after they retire, and provide colorful commentary or coverage of their former sport. But there’s one who’s made quite a name for himself as a star of stage and screen—a theater stage, that is!